Author Nicole Ross
Author Nicole Ross
Freelance Copywriter in Bozeman, Montana

Nicole K. Ross

freelance copywriter & perpetual explorer



about Nicole K. Ross

Confession: I don't want to be a writer.

More accurately, I don’t only want to be a writer. I don’t only want to be any one thing. I don’t have a dream job. I have twenty-three. I don’t have a hobby. I have fourteen (going on seventy).

Writing happens to be at the intersection of dream job and hobby.

At any given time, I have at least a dozen novels, memoirs, and articles in progress. My stories rattle around ‘upstairs’ while I sleep, shower, drive to work, and walk the dog. Every now and then, one of my characters will whisper something that sends me scrambling for a Post-It note.

I go through a lot of Post-It notes.

And judging from the pages strewn around my den, I’ll research and write about just about anything that feeds my insatiable curiosity. Submariners. Widows. Architects. Widowers. Police officers. Widows. Cowboys. Soon-to-be widows. Magicians.

I am not a widow.

I live in Bozeman, Montana with my elderly Beagle and whatever wild animals decide to take up residence in my yard at any given time.

Check out some of my writing samples here or visit my virtual marketing agency Creative Quarterback.

Have I mentioned how much I adore the copywriting? I’ve never told ANYONE that because I’m so picky.
— Margaret Burns Vap // Owner, Big Sky Yoga Retreats


writing Services

Being a freelance writer is a little like being a chameleon. 

My job is to craft sentences, paragraphs, and pages that sound like you wrote them—only better. 


Email copy

Standing out in a crowded inbox is tough. With only 300-500 words to engage your reader and drive action, I’ll help you make sure every word counts.

web copy

Launching a new website? Refreshing a site that’s become stale or outdated? I’ll incorporate your SEO strategy and help capture your readers’ attention—and keep it.

blog posts

Want to drive more traffic to your website? Need to engage your audience long-term? Too busy to blog regularly? I’ll help turn your musings into daily, weekly, or monthly SEO-friendly posts.


Already drafted your blog post, article, whitepaper, or web page? I can offer a fresh pair of eyes, whether your piece needs a deep cleaning or just a quick polish.



writing samples

Whether ‘copywriter’ was in my job title or not, writing has always been the undercurrent of my career.

In addition to authoring corporate whitepapers, case studies, marketing materials, ads, and video scripts, I also enjoy writing personal short stories, digital and print magazine articles, blogs, and novels. Here are a few personal writing samples. 



less is much more than more

There was a while there when I forgot what I wanted—and didn't want. I forgot what I needed—and didn't need. And I forgot who I wanted to be—and didn't want to be. It's easy to do, and we've all done it.

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creative entrepreneurship

A lot can happen in one year. For me, 2015 included quitting my corporate job at ExactTarget (ten years!), finalizing plans to relocate to Bozeman, Montana, and starting a virtual marketing agency called Creative Quarterback ("CQB") that's 100% powered by freelance talent.

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(im)perfect motherhood

Babies and new businesses? They have more in common than unsuspecting entrepreneurs like me realized when I started Creative Quarterback a year and a half ago. Here are just a few similarities about starting a new business.

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chicken soup for the soul: time to thrive

I stared at the blinking cursor and took a slow, deep breath. “To Whom It May Concern,” I typed. “I hereby tender my resignation.” After finishing the letter, I returned to the date field and typed April 6, 2015—exactly one year in the future. 

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the career path less traveled

The other day, I heard a story that made me stop and think—think about what we're told we should want vs. what we actually want.

When describing her ideal lifestyle to a co-worker, a friend heard the equivalent of: "Your goals aren't grand enough. You should be working toward a big, expensive house!" 

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chicken soup for the soul: reboot your life

Touretta Lynn’s School of Hard Knocks was no joke. My hands trembled as I double-knotted the laces on my white roller skates and tightened the throatlatch on my helmet. I raised my eyes to the dozen or so heavily-inked women gliding around the cement track. Though no two women were dressed exactly the same, there was a semblance of a uniform—ripped t-shirts, black fishnet stockings, and spandex shorts so tiny they’d make marathon runners blush. 

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